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PUTTING women's
Health First 

84% of women in the UK say they are not listened to by health care professionals. 


Founded and run by women, Kensa Health is here to tackle the gender health gap head on by helping women to feel empowered and in control of their bodies and long term health. 

How we are helping

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Information is an essential part of empowerment. Our team of medical professionals create useful and up-to-date women's health content that is easy to read and doesn't hold back on medical knowledge.  We aim to explore women's health areas that are often overlooked and we try to take a look at the whole picture, brining in information on how women's health is connected to nutrition, lifestyle, and event employment.  

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There are a large number of women's health conditions that lack support, information and education. For many women, this can impact them at work and at home. To solve this problem we have created Women's Health at Work courses for companies. The courses covers a wide range of women's health conditions that are often not discussed or misunderstood in the workplace. 

We are also continuing to work on courses on specific women's health conditions, such as endometriosis.  These courses are for women looking to get more information on their conditions and treatment options. 

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Our All My Meds mobile app helps tackle the medical admin burden, something that largely falls to women. You can use the app to keep track of all of the prescription and any over the counter medications you are taking in a single place with simple to use folders and photos. Create as many folders as you like so you can manage conditions for everyone in your family. The app is also perfect for all the times you need to answer "what medication are you taking" and we hope it will improve conversations with doctors, pharmacists and medical professionals. 

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