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Living with Endometriosis

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Why take this course?

Created by doctors, this is an online course covering all aspects of endometriosis. The course will provide you with information and support around this chronic illness so you feel more in control of your endo journey. This is a video-based course with sessions that you can watch whenever and wherever you like. No webinars or zoom battles. Just simple video sessions you can watch as many times as you want. Our Endo course covers: >Living with Endometriosis >Medical Management of Endometriosis >Surgery for Endometriosis > Eating for Endometriosis > Lifestyle and Mental Health for Endometriosis > Fertility and Endometriosis > Talking About Endometriosis > VIDEO EXERCISE: Breathwork for Endometriosis > VIDEO EXERCISE: Low-impact Stretching Exercise We also provide useful links, references and supporting research. "Everything was explained in very simple terms and is easy to understand." - Sarah, 23 years old, waiting for endo diagnosis You are not alone. You will also be able to join a secure and private community for people living with endometriosis. Only course members are able to join the group so you will be in a safe place with other people who also have endometriosis. To join the course you simply sign up once and make one payment. No subscription. Please note: This is a purely informational course and does not provide any personalised medical treatment or advice. Our full medical disclaimer can be found here:

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What is inlcuded?

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"I wasn't aware of all the different medical treatment options for endo. It gave me a lot to talk to my doctor about."  

- Lucy, 28 years old, 

 2 years with diagnosed endo

"I loved this course. Thank you for creating something for people with Endo. I feel like we are often forgotten about or dismissed. "

- Anon, 38 years old, 

7 years with diagnosed endo

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