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Living with Endometriosis 

Created by Dr Rose Abbott, this is an online, anytime video course covering all aspects of endometriosis. 

No waiting lists. 

Watch or listen anytime, anywhere. 

Created by female doctors with a passion for women's health.

One Time Cost:  £45 

It doesn't matter if you've have endometriosis for 10 years or if you are waiting for diagnosis. By taking this course you will be empowered with a deeper understanding in what is going on in your body, how to navigate medical conversations and ways to optimise your health.  


We cover everything from the biology of endometriosis to treatment and lifestyle options. There are also tips on how to speak about the condition with confidence and exercises you can do to cope with the pain and stress it can cause. The aim of this course is to provide you with information and support around this chronic illness so you feel more in control of your health journey.  

We wanted to create a course that works around you. You can watch the videos anytime anywhere. Or just listen if you prefer. Once you've paid for the course you can watch the videos as many times as you like. The exercises can even be used daily.  

"I wasn't aware of all the different medical treatment options for endo. It gave me a lot to talk to my doctor about."  

- Lucy, 28 years old, 

 2 years with diagnosed endo

"I loved this course. Thank you for creating something for people with Endo. I feel like we are often forgotten about or dismissed. "

- Anon, 38 years old, 

7 years with diagnosed endo

Please note: This is a purely informational course and does not provide any personalised medical treatment or advice. Our full medical disclaimer can be found here:

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