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Living with Endometriosis

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Welcome to the Living with Endometriosis Community Group! You can connect with other members, ask questions, and share your stories. This group is a safe place for information, support, empathy, and kindness. We will not tolerate any form of abuse or discrimination.

This is also not a place for formal medical advice or medical recommendations. Any information or stories shared are purely a part of discussion around endometriosis and is not medical advice. Everyone's experience of endometriosis is different and something that has been experienced by one person (symptom or treatment) may not be the same for someone else. This group and conversations within the group does not replace the need for a medical treatment plan for the condition. Any links shared or advice given from other members, is not medical advice. If you have any questions about anything discussed within this group you should speak with a medical professional. Our medical disclaimer can be found in full here:

Group Rules

Respect one another

Everyone has a different point of view so feel free to respectfully disagree. Please be kind and courteous at all times. We will not tolerate any abuse or discrimination.

No sales or spam

No selling to or spamming other members is allowed in this group. Anyone who does so will be subject to immediate removal.

Be respectful of others’ privacy

Trust is a key part of our community. Some discussions may be sensitive or contain sensitive information, so what’s said in the group is private and can not be shared publicly without permission.


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  • April 24, 2022


  • Dr Rose Abbott

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