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A New Leaf

It has been a year now since we first launched Kensa Health, and wowzers it really has been a roller coaster of a year! We secured our first funding from EPIC in January, and went on to build our Kensa website, health library, blog and women’s health courses.  We secured further funding from Cornwall Aerospace in the summer  to work on a feasibility study and initial click through pre-prototype for our app. We also joined the Innovate Edge program which gave us the support and guidance needed to work on our business plan, build our pitch deck and prepare for a trip to SLUSH (an amazing startup conference in Helsinki) in November.  We also opened our first investor funding round which we are hopeful to give Kensa some rocket fuel into the new year. 

Our Kensa plans for 2023 are in place and we wanted to share them with you:

My Kensa Personal Health Profile App.

Our most ambitious and exciting and potentially impactful project yet.  We are building a free app for women to use to be able to both own and monitor their health.  It will allow data entry from women in a variety of easily usable forms including from wearables and plug-ins. It will be a place to store medical information such as letters, results and appointments.  It will have the option to share useful symptom monitoring and health data with your gp / midwife / physio / consultant via a simple pdf.  We aim for this to be used to give women the tools they need to enable efficient interactions with healthcare providers, health and self care awareness and empowerment to get better healthcare outcomes such as early diagnosis, preventative health and lifestyle optimisation. 

Kensa Health Courses

Our courses cover areas ranging from PCOS, Endometriosis, Pregnancy, Baby loss, Fertility issues and Menopause to Cancer, Heart Disease, Autoimmune disease and Mental Health.

We have three course areas: 

  1. Women’s Health Online Video Courses

  2. Women’s Health In the Workplace

  3. Women’s Health For GPs 

The Kensa Women’s Health Library and Blog

We aim to build on this further and endeavour to offer high quality thought provoking and supportive information.

Underlying all of this is our passion to improve things for women and we truly believe that if we help women to be healthy and happy then we really can help the whole of society.

To really get things moving at the speed that will make a real impact we are looking for partners and investors to support us on this journey.  We are in the process of our first funding round and would be open to anyone who is equally interested and passionate about this incredibly important and overlooked area of digital health.  Please get in touch and we would happily share our pitch deck.

We would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, sustainable and prosperous new year.

Much love Rose & Caitlin 

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